Arcade games

You would not believe, but the word “arcade” originally has nothing to do with any online gameplay. It means “a series of arches forming a gallery”. “Arcade” as a name of the video games genre comes from the above mentioned meaning, because originally arcade games or coin-operated entertainment machines were installed in amusement arcades or other public businesses, such as restaurants or bars.

Normally, arcade games are designed with frantic, addictive gameplay, aiming at the maximum scoring during the minimum time. The focus here is on the user’s reflexes, and the games usually do not require much learning and feature very little puzzle-solving, complex thinking, or strategy skills. The arcade games are most widely played on the coin-operated entertainment machines or any type of display devices or video devices such as a TV screen. However, due to the rapid development of technologies, various arcade games are now available simply on PCs via browsers, and t users can enjoy playing them just at home or at work.

There is quite a number of arcade games in the enormous virtual world. They are divided into following groups: Arcade Racing, Fighting/Wrestling, Platformer, Scroller and even Virtual Shooting. Some arcade games feature rules and gameplays similar to different games groups and genres, so that they do not fall under any specific genre. However, the last is of no importance for the player, isn’t it? The most crucial characteristics for a successful arcade game are simple and intuitive control schemes, the exciting gameplay and the possibility to play free of charge. All the above you can find on this site. There are seven arcade games on this very tab. Make your choice up to your liking and your state of mind! If you are in the mood to push the bowling balls, enter our “Bonus Bowling”. If you wish to take a short trip, join our “Around the World” players.

Free arcade games

If you wish to play without downloading any software, just click on an image of the arcade game you like – and have fun!

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