Slot Machines

Slot machines, computer games, games in general…. People like playing: both adults and kids. Why? As for the first, playing is an excellent way to relax and distract themselves from everyday stresses of the complicated adult lives. As for the last, the process of playing is kids’ basic and predominant activity.

Interestingly, even animals play some kind of games, for example, during their mating seasons. The humankind seems to have started playing in the prehistoric times: think, for instance, about the rite of passage as one of the ceremonial acts. With the time, the games became more and more complicated, and nowadays there are numerous games of different genres (table, virtual, etc) and themes (war, love, fantasy, history, etc.). Some group games may have even tragic outcomes (strikeball).

However, let’s get back to our beloved slot machines. Playing them can also be harmful unless you conduct yourself like an intelligent person. If a player tend to have problems with gambling, he should stay away from any slot machines.

You can find not less than 23 slots on this site – with various symbols to fit every taste: the characters of popular games and films (“Game of Thrones” 15 Lines), “Aliens”, “Scarface”, “Iron Man 2”, “Rocky”), the images of popular actors (Marylin Monroe, Sylvester Stallone), and even the animated cartoon characters (incl. the Pink Panther).

Slot-machine rules are well known and absolutely simple. The object of the game is to win money from the machine by spinning the reels and matching symbols. The better winning combination you get, the more money you win. And you definitely have a chance to win much more than you have spent. Our slot machines are quite generous – if a player matches a combination according to the rules of the game, they credit the player real cash or some other sort of value. However, you should keep in mind, that loss alternatives are possible too, and therefore, try the free play mode first.

Free Flash Slots

If you wish to play without downloading any software, just click on an image of the flash game you like – and have fun!

Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe

Bermuda TriangleBermuda Triangle

Fountain of YouthFountain of Youth

Goblins CaveGoblins Cave

John WayneJohn Wayne

Haunted HouseHaunted House

Ice HockeyIce Hockey

The MummyThe Mummy

Neptunes KingdomNeptunes Kingdom

Ocean PrincessOcean Princess

Pink PantherPink Panther

Standard SlotsStandard Slots

Tres AmigosTres Amigos

Tennis StarsTennis Stars