Video poker

If you are both poker and a slot machine fan, we have something to offer you. Video poker is what you need because this casino game combines the traits and ideas of both. In it, the ideas of traditional poker and card combinations are used. However, the automatic game process resembles a usual slot machine. As a result, there has been invented the new gambling machine – a video poker machine, that is becoming more and more popular nowadays.

For instance, in many Las Vegas casinos the video poker machines are more common than traditional poker tables.

In comparison with table poker, video poker requires a lower entrance fee. In other words, you would spend much less on a video poker game than on a table poker one. Moreover, you do not need either to search for other gamers or to communicate with them and a dealer, since you are playing against a machine.

This is especially attractive for introverted gamers. Among the disadvantages of video poker is the fact, that the role of chance (fortune) is here more important, but the role of gamer’s skills and knowledge – less. However, for any beginner, this disadvantage is actually an advantage.

In a real casino, video poker is played on a computerized console similar in size to a slot machine. If you wish to play via the Internet, you can use either a PC or your mobile/tablet – actually, any device with the suitable soft.

The video poker rules are based on five-card draw poker, with variations in the number of pay lines, the presence/absence of jackpot, etc.

Overall, video poker is one of the most popular gambling games in the world. In addition, you are lucky to play it here online, both for free and not!

Free video poker games

If you wish to play without downloading any software, just click on an image of the video poker game you like – and have fun!

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